massive 27 Elton John cassette singles tapes many still sealed US and UK press

Super instant collection of Elton John cassette tape singles from US and UK and Australia markets.  All are new condition and/or still sealed, and all contain extra tracks, with program repeated on both sides. Some are in card sleeves, some are in plastic shell cases.  All have their original packaging:
  1. Club at the end of the street (Australia 875434-4 still sealed)
  2. Club at the end of the street (US MCAC53818)
  3. Club at the end of the street (UK EJSMC23)
  4. Blessed (US 422852394-4 still sealed)
  5. Believe (US 422856014-4 still sealed)
  6. Made in England (UK EJSMCM37)
  7. Made in England (US 422852092-5 still sealed)
  8. Simple Life (US MCACS54581 still sealed)
  9. Recover your Soul (US 314568762-4 still sealed)
  10. Recover your Soul (UK EJSMC42)
  11. The One (US MCACS54423 still sealed)
  12. The One (UK EJSMC28)
  13. Circle of Life (US HR64516-4)
  14. same as above (still sealed)
  15. Can you feel the love tonight (US HR6454304 still sealed)
  16. Through the Storm with Aretha Franklin (UK 409957 still sealed)
  17. Runaway Train with Eric Clapton (US MCACS54452 still sealed)
  18. Don't Go breaking my heart with Rupaul (US MCAM54796 still sealed)
  19. True Love with Kiki Dee (US MCACS 54762 still sealed)
  20. Written in the stars with Leann Rimes (UK EJSMC45)
  21. Live like Horses with Luciano Pavarotti (UK LLHMC1)
  22. When the Money's Gone with Bruce Roberts (US 487117 still sealed)
  23. If the river can bend  (UK EJSC43)
  24. You gotta love someone (UK EJSMC24)
  25. Something about the way you look tonight/Candle in the wind 1997 (UK PTMC1)
  26. Healing Hands (US MCAC53692 still sealed)
  27. Sacrifice/Healing Hands (UK EJSMC22)

45 USD